Cork Sandwich Pads


Easyflex EFRCSP Rubber/Cork sandwich Pads are laminated pads having 1/2" thick close grained cork securely bonded between two layers of 1/4" alternate low high ribbed Neoprene rubber pads. Rubber/Cork/Rubber Vibration Isolation They are Ideal for air conditioners, furnaces, compressors, cooling towers, presses, machines or anywhere vibration control is needed. Pads come in different sizes or can be cut on the spot during the installation.

  • Constructed from High Quality Neoprene Elastomeric Materials
  • Designed to Resist Aging, Compression Set, Water and Oil
  • Features Alternate Rib Height for Additional Vibration Isolation Under Both High and Low Weight Loads
  • Offers highest level of sound attenuation and vibration isolation
  • Reduces noise and minor vibrations
  • Anti-skid surfaces through ribbed construction
  • Simple field installation. No bolting required

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