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Easyflex reputation is built on over 30 years of continuous excellent service, providing top quality products and services, and precision engineering to a diverse range of clients. We are dedicated to precision, overseeing every detail with a keen and expert eye. This ensures a reliable quality to our finished products. We value the importance of timely and efficient production and delivery of components to our clients. Our philosophy dictates our commitment to tackling demanding projects that require and encourage our workforce to think creatively and outside the box. We offer a complete line of Rubber & Metallic Expansion Bellows, Rubber to Metal Bonded and Spring based Anti Vibration Mounts & Isolators, Flexible Duct Connectors, Inertia Bases, Wire Suspension Systems and Pipe Support & Clamps. Expansion Bellow, Vibration & Seismic Isolation, Pipe Supports & Clamps,Flexible Duct Connectors & Wire Suspension Systems

Your partner in success

Your partner in success easyflex

Working with architects, consultants and contractors, Easyflex can provide advice at the design stage and see this through to a competitive material supply and engineering services on all of our noise & vibration control products. We do not consider ourselves as a product supplier but rather a solution provider and a design partner. We strive to create products that embody innovation in the industry with a “can do” attitude that lets our customers know that we are here to partner with them in providing custom solutions for complex designs.

Design and Engineering Capability

Design and Engineering Capability easyflex

At Easyflex, we understand the critical role our products play for customers in a variety of different industries. We offer standard models to meet almost every need for ease of use, reliability, safety, ergonomics, and reasonable cost. However, if one of our existing models doesn’t match your exact requirements, our designers have the right combination of talents to produce efficient, effective, solutions for equipment mounting for your application.The result is a custom solution – tailored to fulfill your job requirements, at the lowest possible cost.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights easyflex

Commissioning for sound and vibration control is not as complicated as most providers might think. A basic understanding and a little common sense can go a long way. We offer our thanks to our diverse customer base including, MEP Consultants, MEP Contractors, Building Contractors, Industrial clients ,Government Agencies and Local Authorities etc. We believe they favor us because of the practicality of our designs and lower installed cost when product works the first time. We stand behind what we sell as no other competitor does.

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