Easyflex Silica Fabric


Silica Fabrics are high temperature fabrics used in a wide range of insulation and protection applications such as welding curtains, welding blankets and welding pads.. Material is fireproof and engineered with a proprietary abrasion-resistant finish. The cloth can easily be sewn and fabricated into applications to withstand welding sparks and light molten splatter. Easyflex Silica Fabrics are extensively used in the Power Generation (Nuclear Approved), Refineries, Shipbuilding and Repair, Metal Processing, Petro-Chemical, Aerospace and Automotive industries. The silica cloth is used as a reinforcement for composite materials, and as an acoustic, thermal, hydraulic and electrical cable protection insulator. Under normal conditions it has good chemical stability. Easyflex Silica fabric is also used in the form of: insulation of high temperature furnaces and turbines, covers to protect against metal splash and sparks, furnace curtains, blankets for removable lagging, sleeves for piping, compensators.

Common Applications

  • Welding blankets
  • Welding curtains
  • Equipment protection
  • Insulation layers in pads and jackets
  • Welding pad

Expert Advice for Your Application

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