Rubber Support Insert


A convenient and effective means of preventing crushing of insulation at pipe support points of chilled water condenser water and domestic hot / cold water installations. Available for any pipe size and insulation thickness.

Design Features

  • Based on long experience as specialists in pipe support systems, Easyflex pioneered the concept of using high density moulded rubber to prevent crushing of pipe insulation at support points. RSI offer significant advantages over other materials such as wood or foamed product.
    • Resistance to deterioration / distortion with time and exposure to moisture.
    • Eliminate need for termite control treatment, as required for wood.
    • Rubber being an inert material, RSI are not corrosive to metal pipe, as wood is.
    • Dimensional accuracy is ensured since each set is individually machine molded.
    • It is an eco-friendly product - dose away with the need to fell trees just to make pipe rings.
    • nstallation of additional metal shields for wider load distribution is not required with RSI, as it is for foamed products.
  • Easyflex Rubber support inserts are fully tested and guaranteed for minimal distortion under large pipe loads. Excessive distortion and opening up of rubber support inserts under load has often been observed on some other brands.
    • Standard widths of our RSI, which go up to 100mm for large sizes, have been decided based on extensive load testing. Some offer lower widths, for a price dvantage or due to manufacturing constraints. Not only does this severely compromise load bearing capacity, it also leads to the problem of width of the insert being less to the hanger itself.
    • To compensate for width compromises or poor moulding, some manufacturers insert steel into the rubber for more load bearing capacity. This must be avoided since it drastically increases thermal conductivity of the product.
  • The ‘Tongue & Groove’ locking arrangement between RSI halves saves tine / labor and eliminates possibility of air-gaps or relative shift, thereby minimizing loss of insulation efficiency.
  • Usage of RSI at pipe support locations provides the additional benefit of noise attenuation, since the rubber acts as an acoustic barrier against the structural transmission of high frequencies.
  • RSI form an integral, coordinate part of our pipe support systems. Available for any common pipe size / insulation thickness, they are compatible for use with our extensive range of various types of supports. Using RSI with matching Easyflex pipe hanger / supports serves to simplify, speed up and nhance the quality of piping installations.

Material: Compounded Rubber

Load Bearing Capacity: Designed to bear maximum expected operating weight of pipes as per support spans recommended by Manufacturers Standardization Society (US) Standard MSS SP-69.

Thermal Conductivity: 0.16 w/m C

Fire Rating: Fire Retardant RSI (RSI-FR) have a rating of V-1 according to UL 94.

Density: 1190 Kg/m3

Compliance - BS 3974 : Part 1 (1974)

Expert Advice for Your Application

No two Applications are the same. We will be happy to go over your application in detail and discuss the possibility of using this product for your application. Would you like some personal advice or do you have any questions? We look forward to supporting you.

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