Twin Sphere Connectors with Screwed Ends (EFEFTSC)

Easyflex EFTSC type flexible connectors with screwed ends are used for connecting pipes and equipment and allow for increased compression, elongation and angular movement. The unique double sphere design improves noise and vibration isolation and dampens hydraulic surge and shock.

Key Benefits

  • Compensate for Axial and lateral movement due to thermal changes
  • Isolate noise and vibration from piping system
  • Complete union assembly provided for ease of installation
  • No gasket needed for sealing area

Typical Application

  • Size Range : 1/2" to 2"
  • Max. Pressure* : 142 psig
  • Operating Temperature : -10 °C to 70 °C
  • Vacuum Rating* : 25"Hg
  • Burst Pressure* : Greater than 780 psig
    * at normal temperature of 21°C


  • High Efficiency for Vibration and Noise Isolation: The twin sphere makes the spring constant small, decreases the body natural frequency and increases the efficiency of vibration absorption.
  • Withstandability: It can withstand a bursting pressure of over 780 psi. Rubber body with maximum working pressure of 250 psi and with the combination of excellent formative technique and strong chemical fibre.
  • Large Displacement Absorption for Eccentricity, Axial Movement and Angular Movement: Since it can absorb large displacement, TWINFLEX screwed type flexible rubber joint is most appropriate for the protection of pipe line system. For example, it can prevent the destruction of connecting pipe due to arthquake and subsidence of ground
  • Applicable for both Suction and Delivery: The joint fits for both suction and delivery
  • Highly Reliable: The packing parts are strengthened with steel reinforcing rings to prevent the rubber body from slipping out of the fitting sides of flanges
  • Convenient to install: When limited space is allowed for installation, the free type sockets can be screwed separately to pipe before fitting in the joint

Flexible pipe connectors shall be used on all piping connected to rotating equipment to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, and to eliminate stresses in piping systems due to misalignment and thermal movement of the piping. Neoprene based flexible connectors shall be of the single- or double-sphere molded joint configuration and shall meet or exceed specifications of the Rubber Expansion Joint Division, Fluid Sealing Association.

Types REJSA, REJDA, REJFF, EFTSC, EFTSCU connectors shall be made of molded EPDM/NEOPRENE reinforced with nylon tire cord and shall have mild steel floating flanges or female union ends. Control rods shall be used with unanchored systems or with spring-mounted equipment where the pressures and movements exceed those the connectors are designed to withstand.

Flexible connectors shall be EASYFLEX types REJSA, REJDA, REJFF, EFTSC, EFTSCU as manufactured by Kanwal Industrial Corporation.

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