Sprinkler Flexible Connection


Easyflex flexible sprinkler hose are intended to connect the branch line to the sprinkler head by utilizing a flexible stainless steel hose assembly and steel bracket assembly. Easyflex flexible sprinkler hose is suitable for use in suspended and hard ceiling applications such as T-Bar ceiling grids, wood, metal stud, or hat furring channel hard lid ceilings. Every package contains one (1) fully assembled stainless steel flexible sprinkler system complete with hose, branch line connection and sprinkler connection as well as the preassembled bracket assembly to attach to the ceiling. Easyflex sprinkler drops are designed for use in hydraulically intended wet, deluge, pre-action or dry sprinkler systems per NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D guidelines.

Design Features

  • Economic efficiency : Cost reduction in labor and other costs
  • Convenient construction : The product’s great flexibility enhance field-adaptibility
  • Excellent corrosion resistance : The corrugated tube is made of stainless steel
  • Perfect insulation between parts completely eliminates defective factors
  • Excellence in quality : KFI Test passed, UL & FM Certified

Advantages of using Easyflex Sprinkler Hose apply to the fire contractors, sprinkler fitters, builders, and building operators & owners.

Advantages for Fire Contractors

  • Reduces labour costs by increasing labour efficiency
  • Savings in equipment and operational costs
  • One-man operation
  • Reduction in requirement of testing and risk of water damage

The benefit of Installation for Fitters

  • Eliminates work hazards that arise from the traditional installation process
  • Eliminates work inconvenience such as relocating machinery, drain down and recharging systems repeatedly

Advantages for Builders

  • Reduces manpower congestion during critical fit off stage
  • Reduction in risk of water damage during fit off
  • Short fit-out duration time required

Advantages for Builder Owner Operators

  • Long term preventative maintenance
  • Minimal disruption of business operation during tenancy and maintenance

Expert Advice for Your Application

No two Applications are the same. We will be happy to go over your application in detail and discuss the possibility of using this product for your application. Would you like some personal advice or do you have any questions? We look forward to supporting you.

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