Expansion Joints for Drainage & Plumbing

Easyflex manufactures a range of slip-on expansion joints to suit special low-pressure applications where a quick installation is important. Easyflex’s one-piece expansion joints allow for thermal expansion and contraction of drain, waste and vent pipes and inside rainwater conductor systems. They eliminate costly offsets normally used to accommodate expansion and contraction. This model is an easy to use expansion joint rubber drain coupler for all types of drainage piping and uses slip-on connections with steel mounting bands or clamps for a secure connection. This type of expansion joint features an inner tube that is chosen to be compatible with the process material, a middle layer containing fabric and wire reinforcement, and an outer layer to protect the joint from occasional contact with oils, corrosion and weathering. These expansion joints can be constructed with multiple arches, in custom lengths, with custom cuff I.D. and custom configurations.


  • Slips over pipe for easy connection
  • Designed for low pressure systems
  • Vibration and sound elimination
  • Absorbs movement in pipeline
  • No gaskets required
  • Non-corrosive and abrasion-resistant elastomers


  • For absorbing axial, lateral, and rotation movements in all types of vertical leaders, pipes, stacks and vent lines in order to prevent damage to this material and to the building
  • Adding flexibilty to Drain, Waste, & Vent systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Connecting cast iron or plastic to cast iron or plastic pipe with flexibility

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