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VRF Systems Selection

VRF systems are nontraditional HVAC systems, in comparison with conventional ducted systems circulating the air or chilled-water throughout the building.

Installation of Outdoor units without the need to drill can be achieved using Easyflex-Strutfoot.
This is especially useful in cases of installation of equipment on Roof-top that has been applied with a water-proofing membrane.

Using Anti vibration rubber feet and slotted channels, equipment can easily be mounted on top.

The frames can be designed for Air Handling Units, Chillers, Fans and VRV equipment.
Flexible Duct Connectors
Ductwork associated to these systems requires flexible connections that can compensate for temperature and movement.

Fabric or flanged connectors are typically installed for isolation of noise and vibration. 
Applications with Fans, Blowers, Air Handling Units.
Easyflex Fabric connectors are fire rated, fire retardant and tested for up to 2 hours.
Fabric connectors with Double Ply and Insulated Glass Fabric are also some applications that we have available.

Neoprene and Spring Hangers are also used in these HVAC Systems for Chilled Water Piping.
These are available based on Point Loads and length of piping.