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What do Spring Isolators do?

Spring Isolators: Vibration and instability can shorten the life of any equipment, as well as cause unsuitable noise disturbances. Easyflex’s spring vibration isolators are designed to reduce the transmission of noise, shock, and vibration produced by mechanical, industrial or process equipment into or within a building structure.  Typical isolated equipment include: pumps, fans, cooling towers, rooftop equipment, chillers, boilers, and compressors. You can virtually eliminate structurally transmitted noise and vibration by installing equipment on Spring Vibration Isolators. When properly selected and installed anti-vibration spring mounts offer the greatest assurance that destructive vibration and noise will be eliminated or greatly reduced.

Compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings have increased static deflection resulting in greater isolation efficiency. This makes them more suitable for critical applications, or for mechanical equipment which have low disturbing frequencies. Spring mounts come in a range of deflections and maximum loads, so that the level of isolation can be accurately selected for each application. A single coil spring or multiple springs combined with rubber elements, at the base, is applied to increase the vibration isolation efficiency also in high frequencies that could be transmitted through the metal springs. In addition, spring hangers with a metal housing can be used for ceiling suspended applications.Anti-vibration spring mounts should be installed where maximum vibration and noise control is needed. Anti-vibration mounts are most frequently required on upper building levels and on equipment located near inhabited areas with rotational speeds below 1200 RPM.

The spring mount and housing, and therefore its series and options, must be carefully selected for the mount’s intended usage. Our ongoing product development and improvement ensures that every installation is correctly designed and accurately manufactured to provide the maximum efficiency needed. Easyflex manufactures a broad range of spring vibration isolation mountings that will limit the transmission of vibration, impact and noise over a variety of applications – from engine generator sets and small fans to heavy duty HVAC equipment and industrial machinery.

Tell us more about your application and we will be happy to suggest a suitable model.

Easyflex manufactures wide range of spring mountings. Tell us more about your application and we will be happy to suggest a suitable model.